Power Automate, the powerful tool to retrieve Twitter's keywords

Power Automa retrived twitter`s keywords trends

how to retrieve Twitter’s keywords to automate everything!

In this post, I intend to demonstrate an excellent way to save money, optimize your work or increase your company’s empathy with your customers by collecting data on the social network Twitter with Power Automate.

Therefore, how to perform all these tasks? So far, when acquiring an Office 365 license, you or your company are entitled to use 10 PA licenses. Following this reasoning, we realize that it costs nothing or almost nothing to generate a process that adds value to your customer.

Power Automate project scope:

Power Automate will use the Twitter trigger to promote this same post online. The idea would be to identify posts that comment on Power Platform tools, such as Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power BI, among others.

Due to trigger limitations, we can only insert one keyword. However, it still seems a bit fragile to improve our process, so we will send this post only to those who write the keywords “issues” or “problem” in their post. This way, we can filter people who would be more interested in researching articles on the PwrInsight blog.

Additionally, we can improve our process by sending the presented issues in the posts and the user who posted them to the editorial team. On the other hand, if there are no related problems, we will screen this post to avoid retweeting harmful information.
The editorial team will receive the post title.

Step 01 – Data Collection Power Automate Flow:

    • Define the keyword, in our case: Power Automate.

    • Create a new flow by initiating API or connector as you wish from Twitter on Power Automate.

    • Insert the keyword that will track Twitter posts.

Power automate flow to retriveid posts on twitter


2nd step: Send information to the marketing team by Outlook trigger into Power Automate flow

Outlook Trigger in PA Flow

For using the function to personalize information. Clicking in add dynamic content as you can see in the picture below

formatDateTime(triggerOutputs()?[‘body/CreatedAtIso’], ‘yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm tt’)

Conditional trigger insert fucntion in PA Flow


3rd step: Filter Twitter content into Power Automate conditional trigger

    • Once the post is identified, we will screen it to identify if we have the desired terms “issues” and “problem.”

    • Insert a conditional trigger that will analyze the desired terms “issue” or “problem.”

    • We will have a branch derived from the result of the screening.

Put this function to convert Twitter keywords in lowercase to compare the parameters: issue and problem. 


Conditional trigger in PA Flow

    • If instead one of two terms is found in the flow, we will send the material found to the editorial team.

    • Send an email to the editorial team with the post title, who posted it, and the post’s content.

    • The editorial team will analyze the post and decide whether it is relevant to the PwrInsight blog.

    • If relevant, the editorial team will publish the post on the blog with the proper credits to the original author.

Use these functions to formulate the card name.

concat(‘Reply to ‘,triggerOutputs()?[‘body/UserDetails/FullName’],’ on Twitter’)
addDays(triggerOutputs()?[‘body/CreatedAtIso’], 5)
Table: Functions to card name and due date task.

Seek the parameters on your Trello account.

Trello trigger in Poewr Automate

On the addDays function it will be planned to make in 5 days after its creation.

Trello trigger in Poewr Automate insert twweter statement

4th step: Retweeter the good post

    • If none of the terms is found, the flow will end without taking any further action.

    • And retweet the post as a way to please the poster

    • Put on the Twitter Id.

Trello trigger in Poewr Automate insert twweter statement


5th step: Send the tweet post to the strategic team via Slack

    • If the post is relevant and the editorial team decides to publish it on the PwrInsight blog

    • a fifth step will be to retweet the post on Twitter.

    • Send a notification to the social media team about the new post published on the PwrInsight blog.

    • The social media team can retweet the post, increasing the visibility of the content and potentially reaching a larger audience.

Maybe the most appropriate is to use teams but just for giving more options for your choice.

Trello trigger in Poewr Automate insert twweter statement


6th step: Alternative approval process

The fact this trigger is isolated. On purpose, it is only to demonstrate the possibilities of approvals before any other step, depending on your flow.

Trello trigger in Poewr Automate insert twweter statement


7th step: Testing the flow to retrieve information on Twitter

Is a good practice to check your before testing.

Trello trigger in Poewr Automate insert twweter statement

If there are no errors go o the next.

Trello trigger in Poewr Automate insert twweter statement

For testing or scheduling your flow click on the Test button.

Trello trigger in Poewr Automate insert twweter statement

Trello trigger in Poewr Automate insert twweter statement

Click on the test button and finish.

Just to give you a quick look at the Trello Group.

Trello trigger iwith different tasks team

Maybe you want to have a list of logs that all rejected Twitter can be registered. Just for the one-second check. It can be because Twitter retrieved has one language that is out of market strategy.

Trello trigger receiving a twitter statement



In summary, the Power Automate project uses the Twitter trigger to collect data and identify relevant posts about Power Platform tools.

The process flow includes screening to identify posts with the terms “issues” or “problem”, sending an email to the editorial team with the data found, and publishing the post on the PwrInsight blog if it is relevant.

Additionally, a step will be to retweet the post on Twitter, making the entire data collection and content promotion process more complete and comprehensive, allowing the company to reach a larger audience and obtain more engagement with its content.

If you prepaire see our chanel on Youtube.

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